Creating consistency between products is paramount to the success of your brand. Long gone are the days when a medical device company could use the excuse, “Looks don’t matter, it’s just being used in a hospital.”

It clearly matters to hospital users, particularly those working every day with a suite of products.  Your medical product should both invite use and suggest how it should be used. The user’s confidence in your products will soar with each intuitive interaction that meets expectations. Greater confidence leads to greater brand presence, awareness and acceptance.  And this in turn will make your sales job much easier, leading to greater market penetration.

A brand should have a distinctive design language that reflects your business goals, market posture and user needs. This living, breathing document will guide your development teams and ensure consistency of future products as they move through and exit your pipeline.

medical product moodboard

As with any business strategy, you make a one-time, upfront investment to establish a design language with some continuing maintenance effort required over time. Once it’s in place, you can expect to reduce your product definition costs and schedule on individual projects by one-third to one half.

The need for a common visual brand language is essential for the start-up in creating a firm foundation for its inaugural and follow-on projects. The need is also extremely acute in more mature companies that have made acquisitions over time. Frequently, they find themselves with a hodge-podge of products that would benefit from a common identity enabling them to stand out from the crowd.

With health care products transitioning from the hospital to the home, manufacturers face a new challenge in which brand identity is critically important. They must now find ways to appeal to consumers who have a completely different set of expectations than the traditional professional buyer.

Regardless of your circumstances, we can help you by establishing a visual template that will set your products apart from others in the marketplace.