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Medical Product Design

“Identifying new business and product opportunities is not easy.” Medical and consumer device manufacturers around the country rely on us for comprehensive medical product design and development services that come in on time and on budget. The results are cutting-edge products from hospital to home and everywhere in between.

Medical Product Design

The majority of our clients prefer to engage us for comprehensive medical product design and development services that begin with opportunity mining and conclude with manufacturing support of a cutting-edge medical or home health product.

Specialized Services Available Individually Or In Combination

Design Research and Strategy

Innovation is the lifeblood of businesses in a competitive marketplace. However, defining the right product design to invest in taking to market is not easy. Following proven processes for design research and strategy, we provide a focused effort and expertise to develop the right product for the right opportunity.

Industrial Design

Following our Guideway development process, we create user experiences customers rave about – all the while, designing with timeline, manufacturability and costs in mind. Execution of elegant design is only achieved through special manufacturability planning.

User Interface Design

In the fast paced medical environment, users demand products be easy to use. We also offer UI and UX Design as stand-alone services as well as elements of a comprehensive product development program. If your product requires a user-friendly medical interface to access the complexity within, MindFlow Design can help with an award winning user-centric approach.


When designing your medical product, you face two challenges. The first is to invent the technology that will allow you to successfully meet user needs and requirements. The second is to assure effectiveness, reliability and safety through product engineering. We can help you develop and validate the technology, and then conduct the product engineering necessary to move core technology to the point of commercialization and manufacturing in mass quantities.

Human Factors Engineering and Usability Testing

MindFlow Design offers stand-alone human factors engineering and usability engineering (HFE/UE) support and testing services. We provide everything you need to successfully meet the requirements in the final FDA guidance document Applying Human Factors and Usability Engineering to Medical Devices.

Case Studies


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User insight driven innovation reinvigorates medical imaging brand


Enabling remote monitoring of a patient's blood glucose information

What Our Clients Say

Your “Customer Centered” approach gets to the very heart of what we are trying to achieve with our FDA approved products.

Joe Calabro – Vice President, Sequal Technologies