Choose MindFlow Design and Proceed with Confidence

A business relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere.

Whether your organization is start-up or a Fortune 50 company, you face a perilous journey in developing a medical product today.

More than three-fourths of the average $31 million cost of bringing a low-to-moderate 510(k) product from concept to market is spent clearing regulatory hurdles, according to an industry report.

At Mindflow Design, we recognize the difficulty of your task in choosing just the right development partner. After all, your future is in its hands. The path the partner advises you to take could make or break your project, your company, and even your career.

By way of introduction, MindFlow Design is a group of seasoned interdisciplinary product development professionals who are experts in translating human needs into breakthrough products that will resonate with intended users. While we are San Diego medical product design company, we have helped scores of national medical product manufacturers, whether start-ups, young or mature enterprises, advance to the next level.  You can take a look at our portfolio of medical design work here.

What Differentiates MindFlow Design From Many

Other Medical Product Design Companies?

  • We focus exclusively on helping medical device manufacturers small and large introduce powerful, intuitive technologies to all kinds of health care marketplaces.
  • We offer complete concept-to-point-of-manufacture-readiness design and engineering services under one roof.
  • We employ a human-centered design philosophy that emphasizes the role of user research in product development.
  • We impose the discipline necessary to keep your product development process on the right track through a proven three-phase proprietary process that supports our ISO 13485-2016 and 9001-2015 certifications.
  • We produce documentation that will support safety and effectiveness claims in FDA submissions.

When you are able to introduce a terrific new product to the market, everyone wins. It’s our job to make sure that product development begins and continues to fruition on an optimal path, without wasting time or money. The responsibility is huge. It’s vitally important to us that at the end of the day, the entrepreneur or company management, as well as investors, are completely satisfied.

Please Give Us The Opportunity To Earn Your Trust.