Reviews and Referrals

  • “I would give anybody thinking about using MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) , an honest endorsement of their business. You just can’t go wrong with these guys. They’ve delivered great fantastic work for us, always when we wanted it, and have never let us down. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with medical product development work.”

    Jon Guy
    Jon Guy VP of Research & Development - Covidien
  • “When people call me and are looking for a design firm, a company that can move products forward, help bring them to market, MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) always comes to mind. They take a very holistic approach by stepping back and saying great initial idea, but let’s see how that fits into your proposed customers day, life, and workflow. How can we make that concept come to life into something that delights your customer? They are very, very business oriented in that regards, and don’t easily let you go down a path, or get too excited about a direction, before the user experience has been calculated. It’s a much more in depth approach that assures getting the product right for the market, right for the customer, and right on time. At the end of the day it’s about making business out of an idea by fulfilling obligations to your investors, your marketplace, and yourself and using that idea as the vehicle to get there. MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) is phenomenal at that. I’ve never worked with a firm that is so focused on the market and business outcome as MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design).”

    Michael McElroy
    Michael McElroy Director of Strategy & Market Development - SoundEklin
  • “MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) has been phenomenal from the get-go. On all of our projects, they establish project costs and estimates and hit them every time. They also hit the dates they promise at every stage of the project, every time. In the few instances that we’ve delayed or caused a slip, we talk about it, and they adjust perfectly. We really trust them both financially and from a performance perspective. They’ve been a huge part of our success.”

    Matt Perkins
    Matt Perkins Chief Technology Officer - AwarePoint
  • Throughout my career, I have worked with other Product Designers who were terrific at making things look good. However, MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) ’s work goes far beyond this. Their “Customer Centered” approach gets to the very heart of what we are trying to achieve. They are able to bring a very fresh perspective to the table, and then systematically use this perspective to understand aspects of the design that may have eluded the traditional Marketing/Engineering Product Development Process. This has always resulted in designs that meet Customer Needs in unexpected ways and are just plan better!

    Joe Calabro
    Joe Calabro Vice President - Sequal Technologies
  • By way of recommendation, from time to time, we find ourselves privileged enough to participate in a great endeavor with talented and energized colleagues. To that end, it is hard to imagine a more energizing and creative collaborator... They exceed expectations on all fronts: responsiveness, creativity, and drive for results. MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) takes ownership of their projects and never fail to deliver world class solutions, while at the same time working seamlessly with colleagues in a relaxed and engaging style.

    Richard Powers
    Richard Powers Director of Product Developmenet - Covidien
  • MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) has always been a trusted adviser when it comes to industrial design and new product innovation. First and foremost, they are outstanding listeners. They listen to everything a client has to say (plus the things a client doesn’t say) and then promptly develop a set of designs that project an image of quality, reliability, and efficacy. They are able to work well with a client to iterate a design when necessary and are willing to take a new project as far as a client needs. I wholeheartedly recommend MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design) and intend to work with them on additional projects going into the future.

    Peter Armstrong
    Peter Armstrong Engineering Product Manager - Sequal Technologies
  • We chose MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) to supplement our in-house resources, which gave us the flexibility to respond to product development challenges quickly, and to provide us specialized engineering resources. MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) provided a specialized resource for optical engineering to quickly bring the program back on track.

    Mike Thacker
    Mike Thacker Program Manager - Life Technologies
  • I chose to bring in MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) to help us solve a reliability issue. The MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) engineers had a sense of urgency and sensitivity to our production schedule, their thoroughness in analysis and in testing, and I can trust that their results have been thoroughly tested. What I liked about using MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) is their complete commitment to our overall success, not just to seeing that the product functions better. Andy Moulds, Principal at MindFlow, wanted to gain a better understanding of the larger scale impact of the problem. He also wanted to ensure that MPE's (Formerly MindFlow’s) design had a positive impact on how the product is selling. Since the re-launch of the product there haven’t been any known pump-related service issues, which is huge since the product had been failing in the field.

    Harel Hakakha
    Harel Hakakha Senior Engineering Manager - Life Technologies
  • The MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) team was a pleasure to work with through the development of Digirad’s Molecular Breast Imaging Accessory for the ergo Imaging System. The team was able to quickly come up to speed on the design requirements that our potential customers needed in order to achieve an excellent product for the market. The team was always on time for cross functional meetings and were active contributors helping to guide the Digirad Engineering group to achieving our goals on time and on budget. When given the opportunity, I will look to working with the MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) team to collaborate on future design projects.

    Rex Old
    Rex Old Marketing Manager - Digirad
  • Thanks once again for all you did to help us take our FDA-approved “SafetyMate for the New Parent” first-aid device from concept to market. Start-ups with few internal capabilities like ours are always excited to find business partners like MPE (Formerly MindFlow Design) who can fill multiple roles. In functioning as our one-stop R&D resource, it was comforting to have a single point of contact for research, design of both the product and its retail packaging, and engineering. At the beginning of the project, I recall you insisting that we base our design decisions on actual user needs and behaviors determined through feedback sessions, and I’m glad we listened. This was the key to keeping the project on track. We arrived at the point of production confident that we had traveled down the right path. We particularly appreciated your flexibility, speed and efficiency. These are traits much to be admired by anyone who wishes to convert a great idea into a marketable product without wasted motion, in the best way possible. We really loved working with you guys.

    Anthony Curci Cheif Executive Officer - SafetyMate