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    Breaking Down the Verification and Validation Processes for Medical Devices

    Developing a medical device starts with identifying every user need your final product will meet. Then, those needs are translated into actionable product specifications. These are called design inputs.  Why do design inputs matter? Because if you don’t satisfy your design inputs, your product won’t satisfy user needs. And if you don’t satisfy user needs, no one will want to use your product if and when it makes it to market. 

    What Happens to Your Medical Device When the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization Ends?

    If your medical device company developed a product under an EUA, you probably want to know what’s next. And even if the EUAs weren’t relevant to you this time around, you’re a smart, forward-thinking leader. You recognize that, unfortunately, another emergency situation could be right around the corner — and you should be prepared.

    6 Ways a Consumer Health Product Can Improve Quality of Life

    Consumer health products are simple and affordable home-use medical devices, often involving a service. They are transforming healthcare by migrating functional care from the hospital to the doctor’s office to the patient’s home.

    Understanding Finite Element Analysis and Its Benefits for Your Medical Device

    Today’s development standards are different, even for medical devices. Products evolve faster because of improved technology as well as new, more readily available use and safety information. We’ve also come to expect products to be faster to manufacture (to keep up with the speed of innovation), lighter, easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing.  Enter FEA, or finite element analysis. FEA helps the product designer find the balance between a medical device's durability for its expected life, and the above expectations.

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