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    Competitive Technology Teardown – A Springboard to Meaningful Innovation

    You're not tearing down to reverse engineer something but rather to spring toward innovation. Tearing it down will give you a great foundation of needed knowledge. Engineers tend to just worry about this, and this is the solution to avoiding that. Consider and identify a clear purpose. Who should be present? Who has input?

    4 Services to Meet Any Medical Device Development Challenge Head-On

    As you develop a medical device, there will be moments it becomes apparent you need outside assistance. No matter the crossroads you’re facing on your medical device design and development journey, MindFlow Design can help. Our service areas cover every aspect of medical device design and development — all the way from a nebulous idea to a distributed product. What’s more, each of our engagements is customized to meet you where you are.

    3 Steps to an FDA-Worthy Human Factors Validation Study

    Human factors validation testing shows you’ve done your due diligence to mitigate identified hazards and the resulting harms your device might cause users and patients. For the majority of medical devices, this study is not simply “nice to have.” It’s a critical component of your FDA submission. So, how can you conduct a successful human factors validation study?

    How to Achieve IEC 60601-1 Without Slowing Down Your Time to Market

    To successfully get a medical device to market, there’s a complex network of reporting, testing, certifications and submissions that need to be completed. One certification in particular often trips medical device companies up: the International Electrotechnical Commission's 60601-1 standard. That’s because it seems like just one standard, but a lot lies beneath its surface.

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