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    Save Time & Money by Implementing GD&T in Your Medical Product Design

    No matter how precise the manufacturing process, there will inevitably be some degree of variation in the components that make up your medical product. All the parts that comprise the finished device will be minutely different from one another and from the spec. Even the most meticulous engineering drawings and detailed notes from the product design team can’t prevent these variations.

    How the Switch to Telehealth Impacts Medical Device Design

    One of the latest and biggest shifts in healthcare has been toward virtual health and remote health networks. This big change in the larger healthcare picture has significant impact on the wider industry and all those connected to it — including medical device companies.

    5 Reasons to Use Medical Graphical User Interface Design Specialists Instead of Generalists

    For several decades, the medical and healthcare industry has undergone a transformation in its adoption of digitally enabled tools. Whether it's an embedded user interface within a device or a mobile application that is part of a connected ecosystem of devices, this adoption will continue to grow, especially with the onset of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

    9 Questions to Ask to Create a Foolproof Manufacturing Plan for Your Medical Device

    Nothing about launching a new medical device is simple. From the FDA’s regulatory requirements to usability testing, medical device development can seem downright byzantine. Unfortunately, the same thing goes for medical device manufacturing. With so many interdependencies at play, creating a manufacturing plan is itself complex and time-consuming.

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