The Value of Well-Crafted User Interface Design

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Well-crafted interface design transcends being just a pretty face for software applications.

Companies often put less importance on the user interface design of a software application than the functional software development itself. By having an inferior user interface design, what may have become a competitive product simply is not. Users’ primary place of interacting with the software shapes success.

We’ve all encountered software applications that were hard to use, confusing, and downright unattractive. Interface design should be tailored to the intended user for the software. Doing so creates a user experience that is in line with the intended user, their purpose for using the software, and the environment. When a software interface is tailored for its ideal user there is less need to explain how to use it, That has been made obvious. Intuitive user interfaces give the user a feeling of accomplishment. That pulls the user in on an emotional level and creates strong brand affinity for the software product.

Wouldn’t you like that for your company’s software product?

How we do it at MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design)

Part of our process for designing user interfaces is understanding who the user is through ethnographic studies, design research, and observational studies. Observational studies are really helpful as  we visit the environment Where the intended software product will be used and see how the intended user interacts with it. This gives invaluable insight and allows us to talk to users and understand their perspective. Ultimately, observational research provides us a gold mine of information to take back into the studio.

Just like we spend time with the intended users of the software, also  we work with the software engineers, product owners, and marketing teams.  The goal here is to better  understand what they are trying to accomplish with the software both in technical and business terms. This allows us to serve both sides in our interface design. Thus we can craft visual interface design that truly guides the user on how to best use the software to accomplish their goals.

So as you can see, crafting well-designed user interfaces takes a lot into consideration that surpasses mere aesthetics. User interfaces are essential to a successful software application.

The Guiding Intent Behind Strong User Interface Design

Well-crafted interface design guides and educates the intended user through design of informational and interactive elements through the software application.

Well-crafted interface design can create an emotional connection with the software application and enhance the brand of the software in turn.

Well-crafted interface design creates a sense of ease of use that builds a software reputation and increase the value of the software brand

Dismissed in the past as inferior to software development, the value of well-crafted interface design is emerging as integral to software product development — from launch through legacy.


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