GreatCall Lively Device Helps Seniors and Their Families

 In Medical Product Design

Medical products should provide the right services for the user at an affordable price. Great design is essential to the process, and involving a design firm early on can help develop an intuitive, cost-effective product that does exactly what its users need.

GreatCall’s Lively is a great example of the medical product development process done right: an innovative new medical product that combines a simple health tracking with a mobile app and an emergency notification system. This suite of features is designed to help both seniors and their families.

“The product combines a health tracker, an app and an emergency notification tool.”

Product Features

Worn on the wrist or around the neck, the sleek, waterproof device tracks user activity including step count and daily challenges. The long-lasting battery only needs to be charged every six months. The device is always on and the interface is simple, making Lively an easy product for users in the active aging market to manage.

Family members are able to check this data on Link, a connected mobile app. The family can also use the app to send digital messages of encouragement. Aditi Pai of Mobi Health News reported that in an emergency, the Lively can connect the user to a team of emergency professionals with a simple one-touch button. Family members will also received a notification of the emergency call through the Link app. The Lively device is also programmed to make an immediate emergency if it senses a fall.

Design Innovation

The Lively serves members of the active aging market and their families. This service is accomplished through the innovative combination of a wearable device and a mobile app. GreatCall CEO David Inns explained in a recent press release, “What makes the Lively Wearable unique is that it is designed to fit the needs of both the older adult and the family caregiver, something we have found to be critical to adoption.” The daily challenges are centered on travel, both virtually and the real world, to help motivate the users to keep an active, healthy lifestyle. However, the device’s simple interface allows the user to maintain independence without constant maintenance or updating.

For more information on the Lively device, visit GreatCall’s site.

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