Join MPE (Formerly Mindflow) at the Design Forward San Diego event June 16th

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Design Forward

An event demonstrating the power and potential of human-centered design to drive San Diego’s economy, industry, civic infrastructure, and quality of life.

Design forward brings together designers, civic leaders, and industry innovators at the port pavilion at Broadway Pier to explore the possibilities for San Diego through design thinking and doing.


Civic leaders, industry innovators and designers come together to explore the potential and power of human-centered design in driving San Diego’s economic growth and global identity. The day-long event will demonstrate design as a critical component of San Diego’s innovation strategy.


A showcase features San Diego’s most exciting designers on Broadway Pier Port Pavilion.


Evening + morning mixers and events connect 1000+ innovators through partnerships with Startup Week and Creative Mornings San Diego.

MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design) will be attending and participating in this amazing event.  Come see us and support design in San Diego.

Click here to learn more about the event and how you can attend.


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