Whitepaper: 4 Design Decision Pitfalls That Derail Medical Device Usability

 In Design Strategy, Medical Product Design
Focusing on usability as you develop a medical device is paramount. Without properly considering user needs from the get-go, you risk creating a product that doesn’t meet user expectations and consequently falls flat in the marketplace.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to misstep when it comes to incorporating usability and user-centered design activities into your device’s development schedule. Management won’t prioritize users, teams get bogged down in nitpicky design decisions, the right experts aren’t involved — the list goes on.

To avoid common design decision pitfalls and safeguard your medical device’s usability, read this whitepaper. You’ll learn how to prevent the four biggest missteps in the first place and see how MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design) ’s process is structured to help you even further.

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