Whitepaper; Cleaning, Sterilizing & Disinfecting Medical Devices: How to Specify the Right Chemical Formulation

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If your medical device is reusable, a method for cleaning and disinfection must be specified by the medical device manufacturer as well as instruction for users on how to clean it. These elements are mandatory whether the product is used in a hospital, laboratory, doctor’s office, or at home.

There are many factors to consider when choosing disinfection chemicals for the proper cleaning processes:

  • Will the chemical solution disinfect your product?

  • Will the chemical solution damage the materials in your product?

  • Is the chemical safe to your users?

  • Does the disinfectant match the level of risk for infection involved in use of the device?

  • How long does the disinfectant take to work?

  • Is the chemical available where your product will be used?

  • Are there other ancillary chemicals (chemical solutions used near your device where overspray could accidentally hit it or chemicals transferred by people, such as hand sanitizer or lotions) that might affect your medical device?

Ultimately, there are eight steps to answer on your selection path. But before you can complete those, it’s necessary to understand the vital definitions you need to know for developing a successful cleaning, sterilization or disinfection methodology.

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