MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design) Moves to Own Building in Carlsbad

 In Medical Product Design

MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design) , a leading San Diego developer of medical, life sciences and consumer health products, has moved several miles to 2036 Corte del Nogal, Carlsbad.


The 12,000 square-foot MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design) building will provide workspace for two dozen or more designers and engineers and include a 2,500 square foot Living LabTM, a state of the art prototype creation, verification testing and pilot build facility. The usability lab will include two, one-way mirror observation and testing rooms with both onsite and remote viewing. One room will simulate a hospital or lab environment, depending upon the type of testing and project. The other room will simulate home-health and other outside-the-hospital environments. Space will also be available for out-of-town visiting clients, large creative-collaboration client workshops and talks, medical industry events and presentations.

“A decision we made several years ago to focus exclusively on designing and engineering medical products is now bearing fruit,” said MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design) Principal Chris Ross. “The new building will accommodate projected growth in our user experience and user interface services, which are exploding because most medical devices these days require digital interfaces.”

As part of its transition, the company sought and achieved the internationally recognized ISO 13485 certification specific to medical device development.

“Along the way, we developed an excellent working knowledge of how to hasten U.S. Food and Drug Administration-required product approvals, a skill that sets us apart from many other product developers,” Ross said.

The new facility will also feature a library of samples for making key decisions on medical device and project colors, materials and finishes, as well as a photo studio to document prototypes and final projects.

San Diego is among the top four cities nationwide for med-tech companies, according to Ross. He added that Carlsbad is 1.5 hours from clients in Los Angeles, 45 minutes from Irvine, and one hour from clients’ maquiladora factories across the border in Tijuana.


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