New studies show people have confidence in digital health industry

 In Medical Product Design


For health enthusiasts, providers and investors who may be wondering about the future of digital health, we have great news for you. A new third quarter report published by StartUp Health indicates that the digital health industry is not only healthy, it’s booming, and there’s an excellent chance it’ll continue to grow in the coming years.

Why should we be confident about the state of the digital health industry?
Here are some key figures from the report that should particularly interest those who have stakes in the industry:

  • Digital health funding for the third quarter of 2016 ($6.5 billion) has already passed funding for all of 2015 ($6.1 billion).

  • The industry is receiving a lot of support from unique investors. Over 500 of them have invested in digital health in 2016, with many of them being multiple deals.

  • Not all of these deals are considered small. Two companies spent $500 million separately on digital health investments.

More so, a new study released by the American Medical Association found that 85 percent of 1,300 physicians felt confident in the potential of digital health tools despite only 42 percent claiming to currently use them. About 21 percent said they’d begin doing so in the future.

What can we take away from these statistics?
You shouldn’t worry about investing in digital health and not getting your money’s worth. The industry simply isn’t going anywhere as more and more people realize the benefit of keeping track of their health on the go and more health professionals capitalize on the wealth of data that digital health solutions can provide them.


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