BD – Arctic Sun™ Stat Temperature Management System

Improved User Experience, Design and Usability

The Business Problem

In December, 2017, Becton-Dickinson, also known as BD, acquired the manufacturer of the Arctic Sun 5000 temperature management system. The Arctic Sun monitors and controls patient temperature in adult and pediatric patients of all ages. While the Arctic Sun 5000 was a great performer from a clinical standpoint, its appearance, ease of use and cleanability were not optimal. The enclosure was a bit clunky in transporting and had rough finishes. Labeling was awkward and drain and fill lines were not intuitive to users. Also, while the internal technology could not be changed, the ergonomics of the 5000 were not meeting user group expectations and needed improvement.

The Client’s Challenge

Beyond simply improving known deficiencies, BD sought to create a design strategy and product vision and next-generation design that aligned the Arctic Sun product with the BD brand as a whole.

Our Solution

MindFlow Design was hired to perform the foundational strategic work, then execute on the plan. The strategic element involved working directly with company executives at the beginning of the engagement to prescribe and confirm direction before execution.

We created the more modern and user-friendly Arctic Sun ™Stat system. By understanding the intended use and how users interacted with the Arctic Sun, we were able to optimize the design and usability for transport, while improving the system’s clinical use, maintenance and storage. We then created design concepts and configuration prototypes to establish the preferred ergonomic and user experience.

The new product design improved ergonomics, cleanability, and appearance. This meant that while the internal components remained the same, their configuration and orientation did change. Connectors were repositioned for better line of sight, user access and easier cleaning. Drain lines were oriented to be more intuitive and easier to reach. Labels were relocated and made easier to read. Colors and finishes created a more modernized look and feel. The Arctic Sun ™Stat’s design language defines it as a sophisticated and advanced medical device. The visual brand language strategy serves as a foundation for future BD products.


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