Medical Product Design

Are you looking for the most highly experienced medical product design company in San Diego?  Mindflow Design takes your medical device from concept to completion.  From product design and development to prototyping, FDA approval and transfer to manufacturing, Mindflow has the experience and processes to ensure a succesful development and launch of your consumer health or medical device product.

Opportunity Mining

Identifying market trends and product opportunities takes a finger that is on the pulse of both the consumer and on regulations.  Mindflow Design offers Opportunity Mining services for medical device manufacturer to help drive the direction of products, uncover hidden markets through our standalone primary research services.  Engaging in this discovery process will help to go beyond incremental growth and become a market disrupter.

Technology Development

Whether you are looking to launch brand new technology or build off of existing product technology, Mindflow has the technical aptitude to find creative solutions that will support the function of your next medical or consumer health product.  Learn how Mindflow can deliver a proof-of-concept, breadboard or prototype and help make your next product concept a reality.

Visual Brand Language

Visual Brand Language creates continuity between product lines and helps users to become familiar with your distinctive product attributes.  Documenting the design elements that will be used across your products allows a consistent branding of current products and future concepts.  This step is especially important for medical product manufacturers as they target an more aesthetically conscious consumer health market.

Usability Research & Testing

From user needs assessments and opportunity identification to formative and summative usability testing, Mindflow ensures that your medical device or product will meet users needs optimally.  We allow testing data to drive the product design through our expertise in Human Factors Engineering and Usability Engineering resulting in an innovative product that works in each users unique environment.

User Interface Design

Integrated touch screens, tablet application interfaces and even desktops are some of U/I’s that medical device designers are using to create highly functional medical interface designs.  Whether you need a specialist to create an easy to use interface for your medical device or as a requirement as part of your complete product design engagement, Mindflow has the expertise to deliver a UI that performs simply and consistently.

Our Product Development capabilities

Development Specifications

  • Project strategy
  • Product requirements definition
  • Hazard analysis assessment and mitigation planning
  • User interface specification
  • Subsystem specification
  • Requirements tracing

Industrial Design

  • Design Strategy
  • Design Language
  • Use Case Definition
  • Color, Material, Finish strategy
  • Architecture definition
  • Design for material and processes
  • Model development

Functional Testing

  • Performance
  • Formal verification and validation
  • Compliance to standards
  • Reliability
  • Battery life

Regulatory Compliance

  • Maintain Design History Files (DHF) and Device Master Records (DMR)
  • Coordination and review of solutions with notified bodies and testing labs
  • Verification testing to essential requirements and medical safety standards
  • Compliance to design control requirements
  • Risk analysis
  • FMEA

Rapid Prototyping

  • 3D Printing, Casting, Machining, Sheet-metal
  • Appearance Models
  • Functional Prototypes
  • Pilot Production for Testing

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanism development
  • Injection molded part design
  • Expertise in part design with the following methods: injection mold, Die Cast, extrusion, sheet metal, machining, thermoforming, die cut, casting, and laminates
  • Component, part design and engineering
  • Packaging and enclosure design
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly
  • CAD surface and solid modeling using SolidWorks
  • Creating part models, drawings, and assembly drawings
  • Design for all IP ratings
  • Engineering analysis (Stress/strain/thermal/, etc.)
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Estimating part and tool cost
  • Bill of Materials
  • Developing engineering specifications

Electrical & Firmware Engineering

  • System architecture and design
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Component Engineering
  • Firmware Development
  • Digital and analog sensing
  • Wireless – BLE, Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.15.4, and Zigbee
  • DFM, Cost Engineering, and Test Fixtures
  • Quick turn prototype PCBA’s
  • Battery life calculations
  • Design for UL, CSA, CE, RoHS, and other world standards

User Interface Design

  • Menu structure and navigation development
  • Icon creation
  • Graphic user interface design
  • Interaction prototyping
  • Testing
  • Usability Testing Opportunity identification
  • Product-environment simulation
  • Preference testing
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Simulated use testing
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Formative usability testing
  • Summative usability testing

User Testing

  • Product-environment simulation
  • Preference testing
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Simulated use testing
  • Focus groups
  • Web based testing
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Outputs of User Testing:
  • Design direction verification
  • Usability verification
  • Feature/cost confirmation

Production Support

  • Domestic and International vendor selection
  • Incoming inspection documentation
  • Test procedures
  • Test equipment and fixtures
  • Assembly procedures and work instructions