Following our Guideway development process, we create user experiences customers rave about – all the while, designing with timeline, manufacturability and costs in mind. Execution of elegant design is only achieved through special manufacturability planning.

We help you build brands through application of great industrial design. Your medical product should both invite use and suggest how it should be used. The user’s confidence in your product will soar with each intuitive interaction that meets expectations. Greater confidence leads to greater brand awareness and acceptance. And this will, in turn, make your sales job much easier, leading to greater market penetration.

Industrial design is available as a stand-alone service for companies that already have clearly articulated product design strategies. Clients in this situation typically bring to us:

  • A core technology that is pretty far along in development
  • A comprehensive list of user needs established through extensive in-field user research
  • A design brief that includes a documented design language and/or visual brand language that shows how the desired design is expected to support the brand promise or mesh with a family of products
  • A fairly robust set of product requirements and design inputs documentation

Lacking some of the above, we may need to back-fill gaps by conducting additional tasks.

Employing MindFlow’s proprietary Guideway Design and Development process, our objective would be to craft just the right industrial design plan to connect your technology with your customers’ needs. We envision a collaboration between your team and multi-disciplinary team of MindFlow experts beyond industrial designers. Experts may include engineers, researchers, human factors engineers, user interface designers and other specialists.

Into all projects, we build formative testing feedback loops that involve continuous interaction with potential users so that any changes in direction may be accommodated simply and easily along the way, rather than cause disruption later. We also document steps taken for your design history file as we proceed in accordance with our ISO 13485 quality management standards, streamlining the FDA approval process.

What Our Clients Say

MindFlow Design has always been a trusted adviser when it comes to industrial design and new product innovation. First and foremost, they are outstanding listeners. They listen to everything a client has to say (plus the things a client doesn’t say) and then promptly develop a set of designs that project an image of quality, reliability, and efficacy.

-Peter Armstrong: Engineering Product Manager; Sequal Technologies

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