We think you’ll agree that innovation is the lifeblood of your business, but identifying new business and product opportunities is not easy.

Ideas come from many places: company acquisitions, technology advancement, market studies, employees and customers.  The challenge is to find opportunities repeatedly to meet ever-increasing revenue targets.

In our experience, the very best opportunities arise from revealing people’s unmet needs or the pain they endure trying to accomplish a task.  Sometimes they can tell you about these things, but most of the time they can’t. Typically, when people encounter difficulties they create mental or physical workarounds that turn into routines and no longer notice them.

You only really get one chance to unearth the buried treasure that is right under your nose.  And that’s by acting as a fly on the wall to observe people ‘s interactions and habits in their everyday environments.

For reasons of economy or tight scheduling or having made unshakeable assumptions, some potential clients express disinterest in primary research. We believe they are being shortsighted. In our experience, incremental opportunities come from the things people tell you, while disruptive ones come from the things they don’t.  Unimagined enhancements and even new products have flowed from our discoveries.

Because we’re really good at opportunity mining, we now offer it as a stand-alone service.

So whether you take advantage of opportunity mining within the broader context of a full-service product development engagement or as a useful discovery exercise, we can help you find the treasure.

What Our Clients Say

MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design) has always been a trusted adviser when it comes to industrial design and new product innovation. First and foremost, they are outstanding listeners. They listen to everything a client has to say (plus the things a client doesn’t say) and then promptly develop a set of designs that project an image of quality, reliability, and efficacy.

-Peter Armstrong: Engineering Product Manager; Sequal Technologies

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