Whether your product is entirely novel or a derivative of existing technology, the long journey to bring a product to market always involves enormous challenges.

Perhaps you represent a start-up that needs to prove feasibility to receive additional rounds of financing. Or a large company that needs to fulfill stage/gate requirements before management will give full approval to a product development project.

Perhaps you face an especially tough technical challenge that requires inventing completely new technology. Or you are looking to develop additional IP. Or you need resources to explore various technology “what ifs” that could lead to new opportunities.

Our technology development engagements often result in delivery of a feasibility or proof-of-concept prototype or breadboard prototype.

Part of MPE (Formerly Mindflow Design) ’s business approach is to help you develop creative solutions to the toughest early-stage mechanical and electrical engineering challenges to be faced on the cusp of medical product invention. We are senior professionals who are extremely comfortable operating on technology frontiers where little is known and much is to be discovered. Our long-time focus on this industry and our disciplined processes will put you at ease as we work together toward developing new and exciting products.

We’d be excited to partner with you on a mission to discover the recipe for the “secret sauce” that will differentiate your product from others.

What Our Clients Say

The team was always on time for cross functional meetings and were active contributors helping to guide the Digirad Engineering group to achieving our goals on time and on budget. When given the opportunity, I will look to working with the MPE (Formerly Mindflow) team to collaborate on future design projects

-Rex Old: Senior Product Marketing Manager; Digirad

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