Medical UI Design

Many medical products under development today operate via interaction with integrated touch-screen interfaces, a separate tablet or app, or even a desktop-style computer. In recent years, technological advances have rapidly increased the complexity of these interfaces and medical devices.

If your product requires a user-friendly interface to access the complexity within, MindFlow Design can help. We develop UI’s as a stand-alone service as well as an element of a comprehensive medical product development program.

Even if you are hiring us for just the UI, you’ll get a better result than if you used a company that only designs user interfaces. That’s because of our experience designing entire medical products from a user-centric perspective. We look at the big picture, the whole experience. We evaluate user-UI interaction within context of the rest of the required physical interaction with the product AND how that interaction will affect the patient.

User Interface Design

Most UI solutions involve minimizing the number of options or steps necessary to accomplish a task. The Holy Grail for us is to design a product that performs without the need for the user even having to make choices.

Our medical focus and holistic approach to determining how the UI could most favorably enhance the total user experience are what set us apart.