Many medical products under development today operate via interaction with integrated touch-screen interfaces, a separate tablet or app, or even a desktop-style computer.

If your product requires a user-friendly interface to access the complexity within, MindFlow Design can help.
We develop UI’s as a stand-alone service as well as an element of a comprehensive medical product development program.

UX Design

Our UX Designers review product requirements, user needs and research to craft a sound informa-
tion architecture and journey map.

Interactive Design

Our designers ensure that all onscreen interactions efficiently support the user’s needs through well thought interactive elements, transitions and visual affordances.

Ui Design

Stemming from our knowledge of the application, where it will be used and by whom, our designer’s craft an appropriate and aesthetically pleasing interface that serves those needs.

Design Development Guides

We pull all our work into a comprehensive design guide to serve as the foundation for software development.

Our medical focus and holistic approach to determining how the UI could most favorably enhance the total user experience are what set us apart.

What Our Clients Say

They exceed expectations on all fronts: responsiveness, creativity, and drive for results. MindFlow takes ownership of their projects and never fail to deliver world class solutions, while at the same time working seamlessly with colleagues in a relaxed and engaging style

Richard Powers Director of Product Development; Covidien

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